About Stan Harvey

Americana - Pure and Simple!

After a busy fifty-year musical career playing in duos, trios and four and five piece bands, Stan Harvey has decided that his next step should be to try his hand “going solo”. To achieve this he has fallen back on the style of music that really got him started at the age of fifteen – American Folk and Country. These days we call it "Americana". 

His early inspiration came from the American solo performers of the 1960s; Bob Dylan (of course!), “Ramblin” Jack Elliott, Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, Phil Ochs, Leadbelly etc. who in turn got their inspiration from an earlier generation; Woody Guthrie, The Carter Family and The Stanley Brothers amongst others. 

During those early days he discovered and developed an extensive repertoire of American Folk and Bluegrass music and spent several years using it to get in free to all of his local folk clubs. 

“This is what really got me started. I was well and truly bitten by the performing bug. I found that singing, playing and getting audiences to connect with you gives you a real buzz!” 

While always keeping in touch with his early inspirations Stan went on to a 50 plus years career in bands; Folk, Folk Rock, Rock, Country, Pop – the lot! 

But now Stan Harvey is “going solo”, drawing on the best of the old-time songwriters as well as the best that America has had to offer over the decades right up to the present day; Steve Goodman, John Prine, Tod Snider, Guy Clark and many more. 

He accompanies himself on guitar and occasional harmonica but always chooses songs that stand up on their own without fancy instrumentation. “I like to let the song do the work. I let it drive the vocal – I go where the song leads me. A good melodic song with strong vocals is what people remember most. 

I am looking forward to building a following on the UK folk scene with folk and acoustic club appearances and by recording… 

Americana, Pure and Simple.” 

Should be good!

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